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About us

"Ramblin' Boots, currently the most notable and successful country band in Europe, is making waves with their music.

Formed in early 2018, the band is known for their harmonious polyphonic vocals, killer pedal steel guitar parts and impressive fiddle licks, capturing the essence of country music.

Ramblin' Boots has quickly gained popularity both in the Netherlands and internationally. Their numerous performances on radio and television earned them two important DCMA awards in the first year: 'Best New Country Band of 2018' and 'Best Acoustic Band of 2018'. A spectacular entry into the world of country music!

The band tours Europe annually, spreading their passion for country music in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Lithuania, a dream come true for all band members.

A highlight in 2019: an invitation to perform in America, including shows in Myrtle Beach as support act for the Australian 'The Davisson Brothers' and of course performances in the legendary Nashville!

In 2020, the band sets a new milestone with the release of their first full album, consisting of only original songs.
In 2023, the band will release the first new single, which is expected to lead to a new album full of its own country song!


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