Ramblin' Boots brings Country Music to the right level.

With beautiful and strong vocal harmonies, marvellous pedal steel parts, nimble-fingered fiddle-licks, great chicken-pickin' guitar parts and and some great unexpected show-elements, country music comes alive.

Versatility is number one, so every event will get the right music for the perfect mood.




Ramblin' Boots Musicians:

Rogier (Roger) - Guitar/vocals

Roger is a passionate guitar player with a great voice for country, which is his favourite music.
He plays all typical country instruments with strings. Dobro, banjo, mandoline, pedal steel... But his biggest passion is guitar.
Having a lot of experiences in other country bands he knows exactly what he wants and gathered the right musicians around him.
His biggest inspiration is Brad Paisley and you can hear it in his chicken pickin' licks.
The combination of ambition and effort keeps him chasing his ultimate dreams

Robert Jan (Robert) - Guitar/vocals

Raised with guitar strings, Robert's life is all about music. Once he touched a guitar and he never let it go again.
While playing in many bands with different styles, Robert learned he loved the country music above all. He decided to explore this
genre further 
and travelled to the USA to learn everything about the culture, to buy a real 'Nashville-guitar' and enjoy the music
he loves. Once back in Holland, he knew for sure: all he wanted to play is country music. And that's when Ramblin' Boots knocked
on his door... 

Rene - Pedal Steel

Rene has a lot of experience on stage. He was a succesful guitarist in the top100 scene in Holland. The choice to become a  pedal steeler next
to being a guitarplayer was fantastic, because this charismatic man spits out notes on the pedal which makes your skin crawl.
With his enthusiasm and enormous motivation the sun always shines from his 'pedal-corner'. You can hear the typical exciting, challenging

parts and nice harmonies & melodies of country in his play. He's a keeper!

Geert - Drums

Inseparable from bassplayer Julia... As they played together for 9 years in a top100 coverband, they also are the strong backbone holding this
 countrymachine on the right track.
From the first note it all came together: this will be the foundation of the band. Geert is no stranger to country music; he has played a 
couple of years in the country formation 'Major Dundee Band'.
Together with Julia, Geert plays the sublime country groove with the right experience.

Martine - Fiddle

This girl grew up between musical instruments and musical parents. All her free time she spent on music.
Next to passion for classical music she plays a lot of different styles in different bands.
The foundation for folk and country was laid in the band Tangarine. 
Next to the klezmer-skaband 'Papaformigas' Martine plays great fiddle-licks and double-stops in Ramblin' Boots. 
A real asset for the band, on musical and on a personal level!

Julia - Bass/vocals

The other half of the backbone behind the band; Julia. She can't think of anybody she'd rather form the foundation than Geert.
She was raised literally under the piano when her father played all kind of music styles. One thing was clear: Julia was going to be  
a musician.
After 9 years of learning to play the violin, she followed her lead: her father who -next to be a piano-player- played bass in a band.  
 During her study on the conservatory she develops in a allround bass player that loves to sing and play at once. From the moment she met Roger,
she fell in love with country (and with him ;-)
A true passion for country develops, played on bass as well as on double bass. And so,
one day, she and Rogier founded Ramblin' Boots.